Lorie Guthrie

Business Biography

Lorie Guthrie is a native of Albuquerque New Mexico.  She and her husband, Matt Guthrie, started SuperiAire Technologies LLC in 1998.  Lorie is the CEO of the business and has enjoyed overseeing the growth and success of the business.  Lorie spent 20+ years in the purchasing and contracting profession before opening SuperiAire Technologies.  Her BS degree in Business Administration coupled with the years of experience working with Federal, State and local procurement regulations have provided the expertise needed as CEO of SuperiAire Technologies since a large percentage of their customers are government contractors.  As the CEO of SuperiAire Technologies, Lorie’s strengths in marketing, contract management and financial and strategic planning have been instrumental in a 100% growth of revenues from 2014 to 2015.

Lorie is passionate about contributing to the economic growth of small businesses in New Mexico.  She was a member of the loan committee for WESST Corp, an SBA Women’s Business Center from 2004 to 2009.  As a strong advocate for women business owners, Lorie has served on the Board of the New Mexico Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO NM) since 2011 and is currently serving as President.  Her contributions to NAWBO extend beyond the state of NM to all women business owners in the USA and beyond.  Being part of solutions to the woman owned small business community on a national platform is what energizes Lorie to serve on the NAWBO NM board.

Lorie received her Hot Air Balloon Pilot Certificate in 2006 and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her husband, also a pilot, flying their hot air balloon and traveling in their camper with their two Labrador retrievers.  They live in the Village of Corrales NM where she enjoys gardening.